JUMP Prijepolje

HUB Prijepolje was the first high school coworking space in the Balkans. 

A creative place  where students were  experimenting on own entrepreneurship ideas. Shared space was a part of renovated high school library.

HUB was designed to ease a process where ideas go to work. Besides the shared space, each entrepreneur had a mentor support provided by YOP and JUMP.


hub prijepolje






Jump prijepolje



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Jump serbia

Jump is organizing international projects in order to bring know-how and innovative methods to the local community through seminars, networking and training.




JUMP is promoting youth mobility. 120 persons visited 33 countries on the behalf of our organization.  Check here some of the trips. These were first international travels for a majority of participants.






Implement your projects in Prijepolje, Serbia where Jump can provide: (complete logistics, a venue, facilitators and involve local community).

Jump coordinated 10 international Erasmus+ (YiA) projects in Serbia, where young people from all over the Europe had a chance to learn and create solutions on social entrepreneurship and tech, eco building, permaculture, conflict transformation and project development.





           Coordinating a KA2 project in Serbia 

Organising an event in Spain

Sending young people abroad to attend educational seminars